Mysterious Markawasi, Peru

Markawasi plateau, Peru

Drawing a manga character Illustration inspired from looking at a photo of the amazing stone monument carvings in Markawasi, Peru.
I’ve colored them in with graphics alcoholic markers giving the image’s scenery more live.

The stone monuments at this place are thousands of years old! They have what looks like faces of people on them, some have an image of the Egyptian Pharoah, Easter island head, animals like the African lion, and an ancient tortoise suppose to be extinct.
Is it just natural formation and the rocks just happened to look like these things depending how your imagination sees it, or did some ancient civilization that lived there at that time carve them?

How did they have the knowledge to build this? whoever they are can travel, already knows about Egypt and has interacted with them. This is the mystery, I’m fascinated by it, and if you’re intrigued by what I’ve wrote here then go on youtube or google markawasi and find out more about it.


About Way of the Artchemist

Love of manga/anime, telling of stories in film and tv around sci-fi and fantasy, has influenced me to draw in the way that I do and, it's these interests that led me to the alternative media and made me question the nature of reality; exploring the ideas around consciousness, and the philosophies of life.
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