Make A Wish…

It’s your Birthday, Make a wish now in front of your cake~ 

I little birthday card type illustration I created; for her, that’s why I decided to draw a cute little shoujo…

The whole drawing of the girl and birthday cake was sketched by hand, outlined with black ink graphic pens and then coloured in using letraset alcohol promarkers. When that’s completed I scanned it into my computer for clear up work and re-touching in Photoshop.

I added in the background here, experimenting with pattern creation achieving the gorgeous circle effects on the drawing and background you see here. The whole thing actually looks like a comics illustration piece now doesn’t it? I love what I’ve made here, Really Cool~

P.S. I decided to draw this actually because a friend of mine’s birthday was coming up.. And as I’m posting this blog entry, today is the day of her birthday!

Happy Birthday Louisa!!

Have an awesome one! May all your wishes come true!


About Way of the Artchemist

Love of manga/anime, telling of stories in film and tv around sci-fi and fantasy, has influenced me to draw in the way that I do and, it's these interests that led me to the alternative media and made me question the nature of reality; exploring the ideas around consciousness, and the philosophies of life.
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