I love the art that I create!

Hi, I’m back to write about my latest artworks after being a month or so away from blogging. Some of the things that have happened during this period is, London weekend trip, where I visited landmarks, like Big Ben, London Bridge, Parliament house e.t.c, the British Museum, and the famous Madame Tussauds wax musuem! (Photos of that trip shall be left on another, future post)

Now on to what I’ve been working on:

You Create Your Own RealityAngela @ graphics art exibition.

What started off as a doodle of a female figure became a complete composited illustration with lots of detail in the background and perspective. If I had a girlfriend, and she was a model, she might look something like this..  and here she’s posing for a picture with my art at my graphics art exhibition.

I get the inspiration and the references of drawing my girls in this style from looking at many photos of models. Photos of some of Hong Kong’s female models in magazines, catalogues, photoshoots at a studio or outdoors, capture the beauty of these girls so very well and the pictures are great for me to study form, to practice drawing things like the hands, and the attractive shape of a woman’s figure, because these are aspects of my drawing I think I need improving on.

I went to my brother’s end of year graphics exhibition for his univeristy, it was a showcasing of the strongest pieces of work from his design projects throughout the year. Having been to an arts exibition of sorts, and seeing so many inspring works by my bro and his peers, I got the idea to draw a graphics art gallery in the background. I included the big poster in the picture there to the right of the girl model, with a popular mobile phone device.. and on the screen its wallpaper image is a picture I’ve done in the past called – Spring time cherry blossoms rain. I’ve always seen this illustration as a cool image to have as wallpaper image on a phone.

I’ve also included a message, a phrase, in the top panel cartoon on the wall, to the left of our leading girl, it says “You Create Your Own Reality”. New Age people, spirituality philosophers on life and metaphysical teachers will tell you that its true – each one of us do create our own reality from the beliefs we have about ourselves and others. You materialize into reality experiences formed by you, according to your expectations and current beliefs. So things don’t “just happen to you” they happened for a reason because you have such and such a belief. The thing we should all try to do is to be responsible for what we create in our lifes, If you don’t like your experience, then you should be aware of the nature of your conscious thoughts, examine your beliefs, challenge and change the beliefs that don’t benefit you.

One sidenote going off-topic before I go….

14th July saw my 26th Birthday,  a chance for me to reflect, evaluate myself, and say to myself, make a fresh start.  Made promises to myself that I’m gonna do things differently and to live with more love, for me and for people around me. Time for me to wake up and grow up! I just want to be a better man for myself, and for the people whom I most cherish.


About Way of the Artchemist

Love of manga/anime, telling of stories in film and tv around sci-fi and fantasy, has influenced me to draw in the way that I do and, it's these interests that led me to the alternative media and made me question the nature of reality; exploring the ideas around consciousness, and the philosophies of life.
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