Photos@Manchester MCM Expo

Over the weekend, (Saturday 30th July 2011) I was very pleased and lucky to have attended the Manchester Comic Con (MCM Expo) at the Manchester Central (GMEX) in town.

It’s my first time ever going to one of these types of conventions and it was a spectacularly enjoyable experience for me, because: – I got to see many cool and impressive looking cosplayers dressing up as popular film and anime characters, having easy access to buy, some of them are rare, japanese anime toys and merchandise, and I got to see some famous Sci-Fi movie/tv celebrity guests there in person too.

Have a look at the following pictures of that fun and memorable day and see which talented famous actors were there and which movie, manga anime cosplayers I liked most!

We have up first…

Craig Charles! Star of Red Dwarf and Robot Wars Presenter; was there for meet and greeting fans, you can buy a photo of him from the guy at the stand, and then Craig will sign it for you. He looks like a very down to earth and friendly guy, Glad I got to meet him! Ooh I noticed now that some Naruto characters got into the picture above, its Karin and Jugo…!

This picture looks the best with all three of us together smiling well, on the right is Chris my little brother.

Warwick Davies was there speaking about his movie career and taking Q & A from the audience.

Next we have….. Cosplay! Kakashi sensei from Naruto

I didn’t notice his left eye at the expo, but when looking at this photo in the computer I realized he had the sharingan eye from the show too! These sharingan colour contact lenses look aweseome! would be so cool to wear, I can see that this guy is very serious and dedicated about cosplaying! I like it!

My favorite girl character from the Final Fantasy games is FF8’s Rinoa, you can understand why I like this picture so much then!! Her costume looks great, she’s got the right hair style and figure; she looks very much like Rinoa would look in real-life!

Thank you for posing for this photo with me~ I really want you to see how well this photo turned out, even though I don’t know your real name I hope that with the power of the internet now, with key words, and pictures searching the Expo, you’ll somehow come across this post of mine!

So.. Rinoa from the Expo, if you’re reading this, Hi~ this is my website, drop me a line on the contact page if you wish. I really want to meet new people and make friends with someone who too enjoys video games, anime/manga and movies. I’m impressed by good cosplayers but never wanted to take part in it myself, coming to this comic con though, has really opened my eyes and it’s changed me to want to entertain the idea..

So anyway, moving on.. to Some more photos!

Alice in Wonderland movie… again the costumes look great and wonderful! Much like the movie characters themselves. I learnt afterwards that they won a prize for their efforts in the cosplay masquerade show(I missed it coz I’d already left the expo) congrats to them, they so deserve it!

Haruhi Suzumiya! This anime and its girl characters is another of my favorite shows to watch.. This is Haruhi in her infamous sexy bunny girl costume, holding the sign advertising for classmates to join her school club the SOS Brigade! You know the bit from episode 2?

Well that’s all the pictures! If you’re any of the guys or gals from the photos, hiya~ see how well your pics turned out? thank you for posing for me.. I had a wicked time that day seeing you all and shopping for great anime toys! I hope you enjoyed the expo too. If you want, why not drop me a line? I Hope to make friends with, network with like-minded people like youselves with common hobbies and interests~

We’ll end this post here. Bye all!

Love and Peace

Bernard Au


About Way of the Artchemist

Love of manga/anime, telling of stories in film and tv around sci-fi and fantasy, has influenced me to draw in the way that I do and, it's these interests that led me to the alternative media and made me question the nature of reality; exploring the ideas around consciousness, and the philosophies of life.
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