Another NARUTO Illustration Book Review

In my collection of manga/anime artbooks, this NARUTO Illustration Book was the first Naruto artbook I bought although chronologically this book is the second in artbook published.

Just look at how cool the cover illustration for front and back cover looks! Orange is such a powerful and vibrant colour to use, Naruto’s look and design looks awesome as usual.

The book cover is a book sleeve covering the book which is in paperback binded. The first page is a stickers sheet of all the Tankoban manga cover illustrations from volume 1 – 46! Although the stickers are small its still great to look at and see all the artwork together. If you are a avid collector I don’t think you could bring yourself to take the stickers from the book and actually use them? Well I wouldn’t but, you can if you want to.

The book has many character illustrations from the Naruto manga, many are action poses, lifestyle poses, some have backgrounds and they’re really illustrating a scene. I like looking at how Mr Kishimoto draws his character poses because you can study form to a certain extent by looking at how realistic and cartoony at the same time his drawings of people are.

At the back of the book there’s an illustration commentary, documenting where each illustration was published and a word from sensei Kishimoto about each illustration! This one was used in Weekly Shonen Jump 2005, Issue 35

Artbook includes inside big, blown up size illustrations for the cover of the Tankoban volumes! This as you might remember was volume 27

I like his character designs because everyone looks so diverse and distinct, the quality of artwork and drawing style makes each illustration gorgeous to look at.

The book has mostly illustrations from part 2 of the manga but some from the later on of part 1 are featured too. Basically I think this book carrys on from where the first artbook: Uzumaki, left off.

For two epic illustrations in particular from part 1 are, Sasuke in curse mark form, and Naruto tapping into Nine Tails chakra, both appearing to be in fighting stance and powering up. Remember they were featured in manga volumes 26 and 27 respectively?

Illustration of Sasuke and Naruto ready to fight each other as despicted in that fateful battle at the valley of the end.

This book comprises mostly of illustrations published for covers of Weekly Shonen Jump magazine and the manga volume covers, the cool thing about this book is, all these illustrations have been enlarged in order to be printed on this book!

Naruto looks great and confident with his cloak on after he completes Sage art training. NARUTO manga has made toads seem cool don’t you think?

One of the best looking illustrations of Sakura around. A good, powerful, positive, confident representation of girls in manga and also society in general

The high quality printing means that a on closer look at each character illustration you get to see the level of detail that went in to draw it. For example the vibrant colour illustrations that Kishimoto sensei creates, you see how skilled he is with using copic markers to colour in his drawings. You look at the marks and the shading of the picture and you see that no pen stroke is wasted in the colour work.

Respect! Naruto at 12/13 and present 16 year old self. The way Kishimoto sensei draws clothing and creases is excellent! Simple and realistic.

One last thing about this illustration book is that it includes a two page fold out poster of the tailed beasts illustrated, from 1 tails through to 9 tails, along with each one’s respective jinchuriki(human host). A section is dedicated at the back where Kishimoto sensei comments about the thoughts he has and the creative process behind each tailed beast and Jinchuriki character. Probably a first at the time when this illustration book was published.

While the book that I have and am reviewing against is the english version, I’ve found that the Japanese version is also available to buy on CDJapan. If you can read Japanese then you could consider buying this artbook from them. I get a small commission if you follow the link below and end up ordering this book or some other product.

NARUTO Illustration "NARUTO" / Masashi Kishimoto
Masashi Kishimoto

If you got this book in the Japanese edition, could you take some pictures of it and tell me about if it’s any different from the English edition like what’s the finishing or binding of the book like.

Well worth getting this book for the artwork and the insight and the poster. NARUTO Illustration Book costs £14.99 retail in the UK. And if you order it online from places like and will be cheaper.

I can definitely recommend this book to anyone who is a fan NARUTO manga and loves manga art in general. I enjoyed looking through all 100 pages worth of beautiful colour illustrations especially the style of all the characters, very inspiring for anyone who likes to draw or who want to learn to draw characters from NARUTO. Hope this book review was helpful and that I have done it justice. I look forward to writing again about manga/anime that I have and like. See you next post! Take care!



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Love of manga/anime, telling of stories in film and tv around sci-fi and fantasy, has influenced me to draw in the way that I do and, it's these interests that led me to the alternative media and made me question the nature of reality; exploring the ideas around consciousness, and the philosophies of life.
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