I come up some good stuff when I’m in the flow! (laughs)

I was watching a video (a Vlog) by a woman named Polona, as I was listenning to her I noticed she had a pretty hair style so I decided to sketch her hairstyle and come up with a cute face to go with, and try to capture her personality as I watched her video.

The drawing on the left is the initial turn out, the video only showed the top half of her body and so I had to make the rest of her up… according to my taste in women, their figure, clothing.. e.t.c.. And so the other drawings are the same, a development of the character in different poses and viewing angles, in order to convey her personality.

Hope whoever reads this admires my drawings and that you’ll like my character design skills, if you think that I would be suitable for a design job or project then please contact me to talk about it.

I sometimes will name the characters I draw/sketched, if they’re developed enough to taking it through to the inking stage, I’ll name them after I’ved the piece, so I decided to go with Heather~ how’s that? is the name pretty just like the way she looks?


About Way of the Artchemist

Love of manga/anime, telling of stories in film and tv around sci-fi and fantasy, has influenced me to draw in the way that I do and, it's these interests that led me to the alternative media and made me question the nature of reality; exploring the ideas around consciousness, and the philosophies of life.
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