SCANDAL new single “Image” & 6th album “HELLO WORLD” is to be released

Cover, SCANDAL, Hello World, Tomomi, Haruna, Rina, Mami

As a fan of the band SCANDAL I’m excited to share with you all the news that they are to release their new 6th studio album this December 3rd!!

The album is produced by themselves along with other great musicians like Seiji Kameda, Tetsuya Komuro, composing songs and producing for them too. 13 tracks on the album in total, including their singles that they’ve released thus far this year like Runners High, Departure, Yoake no Ryuuseigun, and upcoming single “Image” to be released November 19th. Listen to Image with the short video below!

4 editions of the album will be available to buy with each one having a different but very cool cover artwork. These are the Regular Editions, Limited editions with DVD or a special designed T-Shirt, and for the very first time, Vinyl LP Limited Edition. I know they’re up for pre-order from CDJapan right now so if you’re interested to buy, here are some links below. For further details and bigger pictures and videos, please keep reading.



Official CD tracklist for HELLO WORLD:

01. Image
02. Your song
03. love in action
04. Departure
05. Graduation
06. Yoake no Ryuuseigun (夜明けの流星群; A Meteor Shower at Dawn)
07. Onegai Navigation (お願いナビゲーション; Navigation, Please)
08. Runners high
09. Hon wo Yomu (本を読む; Read a Book)
10. Kan Biiru (缶ビール; Canned Beer)
11. Winter story
12. Oyasumi (おやすみ; Goodnight)
13. Place of life (feat. Tetsuya Komuro)

“Image” is to be their next single and its also gonna be the first track on the album it looks like, so I’m eager to hear what that’s like. The CD cover for the single looks really good, it is like a collage of the live performance pictures.

The track “Your Song” is a favorite of mine as it has very meaningful lyrics and, since the song was written and composed by SCANDAL together, says something about their voice and feelings, how they perceive the world.

Really excited and looking forward to listening to “Oyasumi”(Goodnight) a track written by the drummer in the group Rina and she has lead vocals in that track too! I’ve read somewhere that in lives Rina will sing this song and play the guitar herself so that should be nice to listen to.

“Place of Life” is to feature Tetsuya Komuro and he’s a big singer-songwriter, record producer in Japan; if he’s gonna be singing on the track too then I’m sure it’ll sound great.

DVD Track List (If you have the Limited Edition with DVD)
– Document Movie 「SCANDAL Talking about “HELLO WORLD”」
(To be approx 51 minute long documentary about production of the album, cool if you understand Japanese as there are no subtitles in the film.)

Remember the Limited Edition with a special design T-shirt included inside? This is what it looks like!

Hello World limited T-Shirt Design of SCANDAL
I think it looks really rock and cool, great picture print of the girls and really nice colour scheme, awesome!! Will look great on me and any fan who wears it I’m sure! It comes in only the one size for all which is medium.

That’s about all I’ve got to say about this album for now, I’ll leave it by showing the bigger photos of each edition of the album’s covers. Also a couple of videos of the songs that are going to be in the album to let you hear what to expect from this band SCANDAL whom I love to listen to.

Hello World, Regular Edition,

Regular Edition (CD)

SCANDAL, Hello World, album, cover

Limited Edition with DVD

Limited Edition with T-Shirt

Limited Edition with T-Shirt


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