Naruto Illustration book Uzumaki Naruto (Jump Comics)

Just saw the cover images for the new Naruto Artbook to be released on February 4th 2015 and I thought the illustrations looks epically amazing!! Naruto is on the front and Sasuke is on the back cover, both appear as their adult selves as what they look like at the end of chapter 700. Action pose is of them about to launch their best jutsus in mid-air as their 13 and 16 year old selves attacking together. It illustrates perfectly what an epic journey Naruto and Sasuke has been on and their unbreakable bond. The book is 3rd in the series of Naruto Illustration books and it is titled Naruto Illustration book Uzumaki Naruto. You can order it now from CDJapan, affiliate link is below, cover images courtesy of them and the respective publisher.

Naruto Illustration book Uzumaki Naruto / Masashi Kishimoto
Masashi Kishimoto
NARUTO, Illustation book, Hokage, Rasengan,

Front cover image of Naruto as an adult, doing the ninja sign showing acknowledgement and respect to his opponent

Uchiha Sasuke, 3rd naruto artbook,

Back cover illustration: Sasuke Uchiha as an adult and aerial attack pose about to launch the chidori looks awesome!

I’m very excited and eager to see all the manga volumes (47 all the way to the last 72) cover illustrations, chapter cover illustations in colour, Shonen Jump magazine covers, and some manga colourpages blown-up in print on A4 size! These are works of art and any fan of NARUTO would want to have this definitive illustration book in their collection!

This artbook comes out also on the same day in Japan as when the last manga volume 72 comes out. The cover is also available to see now and the look of Naruto’s back and his cloak says it all; he is forever a man of great courage, determination, endurer, a big hero!!

Manga volume. 72 (End) Naruto IS the 7th Hokage!!

NARUTO 72 (Jump Comics) / Masashi Kishimoto


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