Sword Art Online Song Collection

sao, asuna, leafa, ALO, fairies, sword art online song collection, CD cover, artwork,What can I say, this album has some great songs and beautiful cd cover artwork! It has an anime illustration slipcase design showing all the lovely girl characters Asuna, Leafa, Silica, Lisbeth, and Yui altogether as their Fairy avatars. They’re posing in mid-air against a dreamy starry night sky, but lighting them up most of all isn’t the clusters of stars but the picture of the huge bright Moon that continues the illustration onto the back of the slipcase cover!

SAO, moon, fairies, sword art online, song collection, CD cover,

This is a beautfiul looking piece of artwork, totally worth collecting; if not, for the songs included on the album too. All four memorable opening and ending theme songs from the anime are collected: Crossing Field, Innocence, Yume Sekai, (first ending song performed by Haruka Tomatsu the voice of Asuna herself) and Overfly. The rest of the album are new character songs performed by all the voice actors, It’s a great album to own in your collection for any SAO fan! Available again right now to buy from CDJapan, get yourself a copy with the slipcase design while stocks last!

Note: If you decide to make a purchase by following the links I will really appreciate your support because I will earn a little commission from your shopping through being on the CDJapan affiliate programme!


Song compilation release including many titles such as opening themes by Aoi Eir and LiSA. Also comes with new character songs.

1) My Independent Destiny by Asuna (Tomatsu Haruka)
2) Memory Heart Message by Sachi (Hayami Saori)
3) ☆Lovely Super Idol☆ by Silica (Hidaka Rina)
4) Cheer! Tear? Cheer!! by Lisbeth (Takagaki Ayahi)
5) I Know “Ai” by Yui (Itou Kanae)
6) Face To You by Suguha (Taketatsu Ayana)
7) Sky The Graffiti by Leafa (Taketatsu Ayana)
8) Sword & Soul by Kirito (Matsuoka Yoshitsugu)
9) Sing All Overtures by Kirito, Asuna, Leafa, Yui, Silica, and Lisbeth (Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, Haruka Tomatsu, Ayana Taketatsu, Kanae Itō, Rina Hidaka, and Ayahi Takagaki)
10) white flower garden (New) by Asuna (Tomatsu Haruka)
11) Party-go-round (New) by Silica and Lisbeth (Rina Hidaka and Ayahi Takagaki)
12) crossing field by LiSA Chapter Aincrad Opening Theme
13) Yume Sekai by Tomatsu Haruka Chapter Aincrad Ending Theme
14) INNOCENCE by Aoi Eir Chapter Fairy Dance Opening Theme
15) Overfly by Haruna Luna Chapter Fairy Dance Ending Theme


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Love of manga/anime, telling of stories in film and tv around sci-fi and fantasy, has influenced me to draw in the way that I do and, it's these interests that led me to the alternative media and made me question the nature of reality; exploring the ideas around consciousness, and the philosophies of life.
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