SCANDAL 7th album “Yellow”coming March 2nd 2016!


Cover artwork for SCANDAL new album “Yellow”

After a busy year in 2015 of playing to packed out arenas and halls up and down Japan for their last album “Hello World”, then taking their set to fans around the world on a Hello World Tour in the Spring, they’ve since been writing new material and released new singles, and having just finished their “Perfect World” Arena tour playing at the Nippon Budokan (12th & 13th January 2016) back home, they are set to release their new 7th studio album titled “Yellow” in 2nd March 2016, it is available to pre-order NOW!!

As usual, the album comes in 3 editions with different cover artwork for each one and material unique to that edition to go with the album CD.

Yellow [Regular Edition] CDA 2016/03/02

Price: 2963yen, Catalog No. : ESCL-4594

Yellow [Limited Edition CD+DVD] CDA 2016/03/02

Price: 3426, Catalog No. : ESCL-4592

Yellow / SCANDAL


Yellow [Limited Edition CD+T-Shirt] CDA 2016/03/02

Price: 4815yen, Catalog No. : ESCL-4590


(The affiliate links above are for the shopping site CDJapan. If you follow the links and pre-order the album or buy anything from CDJapan I will earn a small commission from your order.)

A few days ago (January 15th) the band posted a picture of the decided album tracklist on their official facebook page.

scandal yellow tracklist

We’ve finished mastering of our new album “YELLOW”. ‪#‎scandal‬ ‪#‎scandal_yellow‬

they are scandal

I can’t wait to hear the english version of “Your Song” because the original japanese had very good meaningful lyrics so I’m eager to see how it’ll translate!

Ready to do it all again living it up will be the SCANDAL Tour 2016 “YELLOW” at various cities in Japan starting in April, and then onto the Asia leg of the tour to Hong Kong and Taiwan in June!



Please support SCANDAL if you enjoy their songs and love what they’re about! Make arrangements to go and see them play live!

One great song that will be on the album is

Sisters” (Lyrics: RINA, Music: MAMI)

Released as a single in September 2015, “Sisters” is described as a “girls rock anthem,” an upbeat dance tune perfect for the live scene, making listeners want to jump and dance along with the beat. “Sisters” has a meaningful positive message in its lyrics, it’s one of encouragement to have your friend’s back, to push them on and move forward with them. I especially like the lyrics “You’re going to be left behind in the summertime if you only let out sighs.” It’s a great song to listen to when you’re feeling down and you can relate with it no matter if you’re a boy or girl!

If there is new information about the album between now to when it is released, I will do my best to update you.


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