Fine Art

I studied art and design in high school and college, among the areas of graphics, printing, sculpting I studied, fine art was the subject I liked the most because I got to develop and improve my drawing skills of form and observation. I had a nack for fine art I guess, with the large amount of detail I like to put in my drawings.

In this gallery you’ll find many portraits of people I’ve drawn over the years. I have hand-drawn pieces, with pencil and shading work; some hand-drawn sketches and scanned into computer and then painted digitally. Most of these pieces are work I’ve done since college, with the oil painting pieces being from when I was in school. Those paintings are about 9 years old now, I was just learning oil painting then.. I really would like to pick it up again one of these days.

Click on a thumbnail image to see it in full-size; scroll down to the bottom to read my short commentary about the piece.


2 Responses to Fine Art

  1. vsbjorge says:

    wow you are good 😀 lovely drawings !!

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