Our Beautiful and Colourful Energetic Reality

One Possibility, All Possibility, Pure Awareness, We Are One, Infinite Potential, colours, colors, rainbow, frequency, vibration, energy sea, life, stream, tuning, sunflowers, girl, dress, angel cake, theme, consciousness, electric universe, electromagnetic, nature, energetic reality, wavelengths,

Everything is energy, everything is alive. We are infinite awareness but individually experiencing one focused point of attention. We live in this world made up of colour(rainbow) light(photons) and sound(vibration), called visible light of the electromagnetic spectrum is but a tiny band of vibrational range of frequencies. Since all life is present within this frequency range our energies is always interacting and criss-crossing with each other subtly in this energy sea. People’s energies vibrating to similar channels on the same wavelength will connect more powerfully because like attracts like. You also attract experiences and opportunities to you according to your state of being and current level of vibrational awareness. Your thoughts, emotions, belief systems are an aspect of your level of awareness and state of being. Emotions reflect to you what is going on with your inner state and then your body reacts to your thoughts making a feedback loop and guiding compass for you to go about life. Feeling your body’s energy field with your awareness allows you to be conscious and present to observe how you are feeling, what you are giving out by what you say and do – you will get emotional freedom to choose how or if to react, actions and words will be productive and neutral.

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